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Post-Treatment Care

What is it?Promote speedy recovery, alleviate discomfort, minimize side effects and optimize treatment results.

What does it do?

Most energy-based treatments and light-based treatments work by causing controlled injuries to the skin to trigger cell regeneration and renewal. With injuries come redness and sensitivity that can last from a few hours to days depending on the treatment and the individual. 

To help promote speedy recovery and alleviate discomfort, we offer a variety of facial masks that will reduce your downtime, calm inflammation, decrease swelling while simultaneously restore hydration level and strengthen skin’s barrier. This 20-minute relaxation is then followed by a layer of healing serum and sunscreen.

What are the benefits?

  • Promote healing and reduce downtime
  • Calm redness & irritation
  • Restore hydration
  • Alleviate discomfort
  • Help minimize the risk of hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation after laser treatments 
  • Promotes skin barrier recovery

Frequently asked questions.

Below is more information you need to know about this treatment.

111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask – hydrogel formula infuses the skin with radiance boosting ingredients for a glowing complexion.

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Mask – designed with two core segments; an Upper Mask formulated with glycopeptides to reduce the appearance of frown lines, the Lower Mask is enhanced with collagen-stimulating properties that improves volume and plumpness. After use the skin will immediately appear firmer, smoother, calmer and more plump.

111SKIN Sub-Zero Depuffing Energy Facial Mask – this full face hydrogel mask formulated to alleviate signs of puffiness and fatigue. Infused with peptides, enzymes and caffeine, the multi-functional formula includes a powerful tetrapeptide to help reduce puffiness, hydrate and tighten. The complexion is left looking refreshed and reinvigorated.

ZO Skin Ossential Brightening Masque – restores skin clarity, reduces pigmentation and discolouration. This brightening product ensures a radiant, more even skin tone and texture, diminishes pores with citric, salicylic and lactic acids. The addition of arbutin and green tea helps to minimize the production of excess skin pigment and supply ample hydration to the tissues.

Copper Peptide Mask – boosts collagen and elastin proteins, repairs skin and reduces inflammation.

Proven results.

Before and after results of Vbeam for acne and inflammation.

Before and after results of 5G Max Lifting for face lifting and skin brightening.

Before and after results of PicoWay for fading hyperpigmentation.

Before and after results of Botox for masseter muscle reduction.

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