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Texture Irregularities


Our skin texture can become uneven, dry, dull, rough and oily due to underlying factors such as impaired skin barrier function and slow skin cell turnover rate.

Large pores and rough skin texture is one of the biggest concerns with complexion.

What are the causes?

While pores do not technically open or close, over time they can become enlarged and ‘stretched’ out. Imagine your pores like a balloon or turtleneck sweater – after being filled and emptied, or stretched over your head over and over, they are no longer as ‘tight’ as they used to be. Our pores respond in a similar manner to excessive oil production in our skin.

As we age and skin loses collagen density and elasticity (the support of our skin), pores can appear to look larger as we get older as gravity pulls down. Large pores may be genetic or require more advanced, resurfacing treatments if collagen and elastic breakdown has begun.

Proven results.

Before and after results of Vbeam for acne and inflammation.

Before and after results of 5G Max Lifting for face lifting and skin brightening.

Before and after results of PicoWay for fading hyperpigmentation.

Before and after results of Botox for masseter muscle reduction.

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