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Botox® for Slimming


What is it?Botox is more commonly know to smooth facial wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. In addition, Botox can also be reduce the size of muscles.

How does it work?

Botulinum Toxin A is a natural, purified protein with the ability to temporarily block the secretion of the chemical that signals the targeted muscles to activate. Over time, the muscles are weakened, and as a result, their volume decreases as they stop contracting with the same strength as before the injection.

The photo shows the before (pictured left) and after (pictured right) results of Botox injection for calf reduction.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick and effective
  • A relatively safer option to surgery and other intrusive solutions
  • Virtually painless and no downtime
  • Safe for the calves and shoulders
  • Subtle and natural reshaping

Frequently asked questions.

Below is more information you need to know about this treatment.

Results show as early as 2 weeks. Maximum effects of muscle reduction can be noticed within 2 months post-procedure.

Generally the results can last up to 6 months but this can vary depending on your metabolism rate, how frequently the muscles are used and the desired size.

Proven results.

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Before and after results of Botox for masseter muscle reduction.

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